Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the overnight socialite

"The Overnight Socialite" by Bridie Clark is a fun retelling of "My Fair Lady" - very silly and over the top. I enjoyed it - it's not realistic or well-developed at all. I keep wanting to call it "The Overnight Socialist" which would be an interesting novel as well.

"Happy All the Time" by Laurie Colwin is incredibly well-written with small, brilliant observations about happiness and marriage - but there is no plot. Nothing happens! I kept reading looking for the conflict and it felt like nothing was at stake. Two men fall in love with two women and get married. One woman likes distance more than her husband, the other has a prickly temperment. But that's it. It's hard to really care for characters stressing over such minute issues. I had to relax my expectations for plot and just enjoy her charming writing style.

I love Colwin's essays on food and reread them constantly. She has a cozy tone that makes you feel like she's your best friend.

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